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If you would like to work with me on a collaborative recipe or are in need of a carefully curated set of food images, I would be delighted to discuss the details together. Throughout this website you can find examples of my photography. You can find some additional samples below.

I would love the opportunity to discuss your project in further detail. Whether it is a small project, or a reoccurring need, let’s talk through your needs together to provide the perfect final outcome!

Several years ago, I started a local bakery, selling to farmers markets and directly to my customers around town. This is when I began to develop recipes to create the best bakes, cakes and treats to provide to those around me. Through that process, I began the photograph all these goodies. It was for purely marketing and posting purposes on social media. However, I quickly discovered how creative and fulfilling photography could be. I became enraptured in all aspects of photography as well as the recipe creation!

Sure it might be a little greedy, but to now choose between recipe creation and photography would be almost impossible. Both of these creative outlets have a special place in my heart. 

If you are interested in talking in more detail about all the options in which we can work together, drop me a note above! I would love to create a recipe that speaks especially to your product. Or design a photo session that meets your style and personality. Or both! Fill in the “work with me” form above to chat.

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Oh, hello, and welcome to my kitchen! My kitchen is the place I go to escape the hustle of the world and find some peace and serenity. These are the recipes I go to when I truly need a quiet baking day.

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Let's talk about cake.

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Let's talk about cake.

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